So I kind of wrote a Destiel fic?

Of Earth and Rain

(AU) After swerving off the road during a torrential downpour, Castiel Novak thinks his life is over. Everything hurts and he just wants to sleep. His wish is denied, however, when Dean Winchester finds him, and the world turns from grey to shades of green.

This is a story of the courtship of Dean and the quiet florist who believes in the language of flowers.

(it gets pretty gay so you know. don’t read it if you can’t handle that i guess)

Dean Winchester Meme || Reoccurring Themes [3/4]

↳ Winchester Logic

What happened to you?


Silver - The Neighbourhood

Silver eyes 
Hoping for paradise 
I’ve seen it a million times 

Breaking my silence to wish a happy birthday to the very incredible Dominik. I am so blessed to know you.


Kiss me under the Redbud Tree ♥

It’s starting to get bad for me too. I’m not just having nightmares. I’m having these dreams where I have to literally scream myself awake. Sometimes I’m not even sure if I’m ever actually waking up.





I’ve died and gone to heaven. She’s amazing.

Can we just listen

remember this


Photos from Iceland. See more, and read a recap of the trip on my Exposure post here.




This gif will be the death of me. They’re English subtitles of the Chinese version.

I’m laughing so hard I’m crying I can’t choose the best one.

wait for the founders names oh my god its worth it

Title: Poet

Artist: Bastille

Played: 162463 times

Poet - Bastille

Your body lies upon the sheet,
Of paper and words so sweet.
I can’t say the words,
so I wrote you into my verse.


explicit uncut scene from 9x06

that’s it, it’s done, this is what happened!